About Myongji University / 명지대학교

Creation of Myongji
Myongji opened its doors in 1948 under the Christian values. Myongji is one of the most respected institutions of higher learning in the country, offering various levels of degree programs (BA, MA, Ph.D, MBA).

Shared Values of Myongji University
The founding purpose and spirit of Myongji Foundation is to educate capable individuals not only to contribute to national culture and economics but also to world peace and development of human culture, following Christian truth: believing in God, being filial to parents, loving others as oneself, caring for and developing nature.
– 23 January 1956 Dr. Sanguine YOO, Founder, previous Minister of Unification of Korea

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Office of International Affairs (OIA)
The Office of International Affairs is responsible for the following areas:
– Establishing academic agreements with other universities across the globe
– Exchange student programs (Inbound/Outbound/Visiting)
– Government-sponsored scholarships for foreign students
– Joint programs with partner universities
– Admission for international students in undergraduate programs
– Korean Language Institute
– Various events/programs for international students

Staff of OIA
Dean: Dr. Kim, Yongtae
ㆍTel: 82-2-300-1420 ㆍFax: 02) 300-1516 ㆍEmail: yongtae@mju.ac.kr
■ Team Manager: Kim, Yong Dal
ㆍTel: 82-2-300-1510 ㆍFax : 02) 300-1516 ㆍEmail : bins@mju.ac.kr
■ Program Manager: Kang, So Young (Sue)
ㆍResponsible for: Government-sponsored scholarships for international students “GKS”), International student management
ㆍTel: 82-2-300-1511 ㆍFax : 02) 300-1516 ㆍEmail : sykang@mju.ac.kr
■ Program Manager: Kim, Su Hyun
ㆍResponsible for: Admission for international students in Undergraduate programs (BA), Korean Language Institute
ㆍTel: 82-2-300-1513 ㆍFax: 02) 300-1516 ㆍEmail: ksh27@mju.ac.kr
Program Officer: Chae, Jay
ㆍResponsible for: Exchange Student Programs (Outbound)
ㆍTel: 82-2-300-1512 ㆍFax: 02) 300-1516 ㆍEmail: chaej82@mju.ac.kr
Program Officer: Kim, Tenny
ㆍResponsible for: Academic agreements, Exchange Student Programs (Inbound), Summer Program, GKS Program, Online Promotion, New initiatives
ㆍTel: 82-2-300-1514 ㆍFax: 02) 300-1516ㆍEmail: tenny@mju.ac.kr
Assistant Officer: Moon, Jung Won
ㆍResponsible for:  international affairs in Myongji University, Yongin campus
ㆍTel: 82-31-330-6720 ㆍEmail: jaenge@mju.ac.kr
Assistant Officer: Min, Woo Geun
ㆍResponsible for: Korean Language Institute
ㆍTel: 82-2-300-1515 ㆍFax: 02) 300-1516ㆍEmail: minwoogeun@mju.ac.kr


Two Campuses of Myongji University

■ Humanities and Social Science Campus in Seoul:
The Seoul Campus, located close to the city center, Sinchon, is easily accessible to public transportations. The Sinchon area is one of the favourite haunts of university students.
Seoul campus offers five colleges in both undergraduate and graduate levels: Humanities, Social Science, Business Administration, Law, and General Studies.

■ Art and Natural Science Campus in Yongin:
Myongji university’s Yongin Campus is located approximately one and a half hour away from Seoul. Is is close to City Hall, Traditional Korean Folk Village and one of Korea’s largest amusement parks, Everland.
As of 2016, Myongji University has academic agreements with 195 partner universities in 40 countries across the world, which provides to students interesting in studying abroad the opportunity to participate in at least one international program before graduation.