Still talking about Busan, if before we talked about “Gamcheon” culture village, so, right now we will discuss about “ Sea Life”.

483111740_1280x720When the dry wave in the summer strikes Korea, the first thing we need to find when we arrive to Busan is the Sea! There is several Seas that are quite famous in Busan, they are Gwanggali Sea, Songjeong sea, Songdo sea, Dadaepo sea, Haeundae sea. In this post I will introduce Haeundae Sea to you briefly.


Below is some facts about Haeundae Sea :

  1. Haeundae is the most famous sea in Busan, so don’t be surprised if you see a huge amount of visitors.
  2. Each year there are a lot of cultural activity that held there.
  3. You can find a lot of hotels and restaurants near the Sea, It is suitable as your summer holiday destination.
  4. This sea has a clear water with the white sand, make it perfect as a tourist destination.
  5. “Sea Life” which is the biggest aquarium in Korea is located in this sea.
  6. Every sea in Busan has a different sand texture.

“Sea Life” which is the number 1 aquarium in Korea will become our star today. In order to have an image about this aquarium, let’s see these photos first :



As you can see in those photos, actually Sea Life is located below the ground completely, and they even have a massive aquarium to contain tens of sharks! Approximately Sea Life it self contains 10,000 species of fishes, algae, reptiles, amphibies. There are also a souvenier shop and cafe inside it.

2444313_image2_1The ticket’s price is not that expensive, starts from 23,000 KRW for 7 years up kid, until 29,000 KRW for adults. If you want to seek the freshness in the summer without dipping your self in the water, so this place can be a ideal spot for you to spend your time in the summer holiday.

What makes this aquarium become the number 1 in Korea is not only it is massive, but also there are a lot of program. Because at least they contain about 10,000 species of fishes, algae, reptiles, amphibies, they also have the responsibility to restore actual the sea life like it was used to be. And actually they really did it with the series of 3 big program, they are “Breed”, “Rescue”, “ Protect”.

Website :

Photo’s sources :



Written by : William Christianto Setiawan


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