Train_To_Busan-p2Is there anyone who ever watched horror film which is became a very hot topic back in 2016 that was played by Gong Yoo as the main actor? Yeap, that’s right, “Train to Busan” or in Korean “부산”(BusanHaeng) is a horror film that narrate a kid who wants to meet her mother in Busan for her birthday, so the father (Gong Yoo) doesn’t have any other choice except to fulfill his daughter’s wish. In the next morning, they decided to go to Busan from Seoul Station using the KTX train, the fastest train in Korea. Before the train leave the station, a woman who get affected by virus appeared and get in the train and so the story began.

I was quite lucky because I can travel to Busan and sightseeing the places where the film was taken in the 3 different places, Seoul station – KTX train – Busan. It was also quite surprising to see the KTX because at first I wanted to get in the Shinkansen that only exist in Japan so I was really happy at that moment. The ticket price is quite pricey, it cost 76,000 KRW – 110,000 KRW (about 900,000 – 1,300,000 Rupiah) for 2 days pass ticket (you can use it freely for 2 days). The train is super fast and it can goes up to 352km/hour which take only 2 hours until it arrives to Busan, it faster than if you go by bus that takes more than 5 hours.

Finally we arrived at Busan!^^

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREAOur first destination is really popular, named “ Busan Gamcheon Cultural Village” (부산 감천문화마을), at first this destination was no more than just a slum that located in the hill and not well-organized. But in the 2009 some brilliant students worked together to brighten up this slum, they decorated, painted, made a lot of art things, and also painted the houses so the slum became more colourful. Until now, this place become a quite popular destination amongst the tourists from all over the Nations because of this brilliant idea.

If you want to go there, make sure to use comfortable shoes, as the track is a little bit sheer and if you want to go around to see the whole Gamcheon, you will spend for about 3 hours. You can also buy a map for 2000 KRW and start to hunt stamps that already provided in every spot in Gamcheon, collect all of them and exchange it for free 5 postcards!

While you hunt the stamps, try to find some spot to take good pictures and also try to find Gamcheon’s mascot which is this prince :

34 Little Prince & The Fennec Fox Gamcheon Culture Village Art Busan South Korea-141Happy hunting!^^


Written by : William Christianto Setiawan

Photos Source :

  1. (gambar 1)
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