1361049079_94ff8bd2f4_bIf we are talking about tourism destinations, absolutely, we can include the cultural destinations in our list right? We can get more knowledge about culture through our trip, and the most important thing is, don’t ever miss some destinations that have been nominated by the UNESCO as a world heritage. Just like in Indonesia, we have a lot of world heritage in the UNESCO’s list such as Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Lorentz National Park, and many more. Meanwhile Korea has Namhansansoeng, Hwaseong fortress, Changdeokgung Palace, Jongmyo Shrine, and so. This time I will introduce you the Korean world heritage, Jongmyo shrine (종묘) with its cultural heritage, Jongmyo Jaerye (종묘 제리).

JongmyoJongmyo shrine is the main place to honor the ancestral (Kings that passed away during Joseon Dinasty). When I went there to visit that shrine in May, there is an annual exhibition that introduce the time of the kingdom in the past in 5 great palace in Seoul, and one of them is in the Jongmyo shrine.

There are a lot of vary items displayed there, and one of them is a series of food that used to make an offering for the ancestral in the Jongmyo Jaerye annual ritual, which is also nominated as intangible world heritage by UNESCO.

IMG_20170507_133937_HDRThe ritual lasts long enough, about 1 hour 30 minutes, and before entering into the ritual site, we have to wait again for about 30 minutes to get the seat in the ritual site. But it’s worth it because finally we can see the ritual process to honor the Kings and Queens during the Joseon Dinasty directly.

IMG_20170507_145833_HDRYou can say that we are quite lucky enough, as coincidentally get this chance to see the ritual process and the exhibition in the same date. For you who wants to see the ritual, usually it held in the first Sunday of May, because you have to see this ritual process when you travel to Korea.^^

Written by : William Christianto Setiawan


Photos source : (pic 1) (pic 2)



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