Every single year, K-pop always brings something new and today was not an exception. A few days ago BLACKPINK came back with their new album ‘As If It’s Your Last Time’, which it has been a totally success not only in Korea but also around the world. And for all the blinks (Blackpink official fandom’s name), YG Entertaiment opened an exhibition that had as main concept Blackpink’s new album. This exhibition was held in Hongdae district, so me and my friend decided to go and have some fun there.


When we arrived, the whole place was completely illuminated by a pink light and everything decorated with official pictures of BLACKPINK. The staff welcomed us and we started our tour. At the entrance, there was a huge mural of their new album’s coverand a giant TV screen in which we could watch As If It’s Your Last Time’s behind the scenes.


There were unpublished images of the four members everywhere, and also they exhibited original costumes they have used during promoting their last song.


On the second floor, we followed the exhibition and we could see that there was located an official store for all fans to purchase from cards, posters, the last album to get access to genie app (but only during ‘As If It’s Your Last Time‘s promotions) that had BLACKPINK’s new album as a theme.



At the end of our tour and after having bought some official goods, the staff gave us a TREVI”s drink (sponsor) and thanked us for coming. This was the second time I went to an album exhibition of a K-pop group and to be honest, I found these events very interesting because not only koreans but also non-korean fans can enjoy these events for free and also, I’m pretty surprised by how YG is always creating new ways to satisfy the ‘fans’ while those are waiting for the famous ‘comeback’ of their favorite groups.

Written by: Fabiola Rodríguez La Torre


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