Hello! Exactly as same as the title above, in this time I’d like to introduce to you about an Amazing place yet not many tourists visit there. The site is located on the hills and have seriously beautiful scenery when in Spring and Autumn, sadly when I went there, the scenery wasn’t so beautiful compared in those seasons, because I went there in the end of the March, which means the changing season from Winter to Spring.

IMG_20170325_151415The site’s name is Namhansanseong (), inside the site, there are a lot of building including a place to do religious ritual. This site was built by the Buddhist monk-soldiers in the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910) in that time, it was used as the emergency main capital and also as the watch tower. Moreover, this site is a cultural heritage site that had been acknowledge by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisations).

If you like about culture things, and willing to know more about the building that was used when the war began, you shouldn’t miss this destination . Also, in the site, you can see watch tower, fortress, dan even some secret tunnel! If you love to do some culinary activity and in the same time you also love souvenirs, you can get all of them in the site. There are a lot of typical Korean restaurant, and it tastes good! Also there is a souvenir gift shop.

namhansan-map-12Before you go to Namhansanseong, I recommend you to prepare your feet and also wear sport shoes or hiking shoes, as the site is really huge. If you want to explore the entire site, prepare your time well, because it will take a half day or even more. There are a lot of people who love hiking also visit the site, because beside you can see beautiful scenery, you can also do sport there.

If you interested in this site and willing to visit it, I’ll share you the guide to get there below :

  1. Find nearest subway station (you can use taxi if you want to save time).
  2. Go to line 2 to Jamsil
  3. After arrive, change line to line number 8 to Sanseong. (it will takes 30 – 45 minutes).
  4. After that, get out from the subway and go by 9-1 bus to go to the site.

I recommend you to visit this site, because this site is really worth to visit and you can get a lot of cool photos there!

Written by : William Christianto Setiawan



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