Today I am going to introduce you a neighbourhood that is really close to Myongji University. It is called Hongdae.

Hongdae is the abreviation for Hongik University in Korea (홍익대학교, Hongik DaeHakyo). Korean love to use abbreviation like those ones to call neighbourhood.

You can do many things in Hongdae.


First you can go shopping, Hongdae has a big street with a lot of clothes stores, I recommend that you pay in cash as they will often give you a discount. However, be aware, sometimes you can’t try on the clothes you want to buy, and the clothes would be most of the time free size clothes.


hongdae-by-dayjmkramerSecond, Hongdae has also a street with a lot of restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy korean food but also food from all around the world with your friends! You also have to know that Hongdae is a neighbourhood where the trends are, so you will be sure not to miss anything about the new trends in Seoul.


MusicParkHongdaeThe third thing that is interesting about Hongdae is of course its night life. You can enjoy the “busking street” where a lot of people play music, sings or do magic on the streets. It is really interesting to see and enjoy a summer night in Hongdae!


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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