Facilities in Myongji


Myongji not only provides the facilities to study, but also for the students to enjoy their life on the campus.

I am going to talk in this article about the facilities in Myongji, Seoul Campus. I will not talk about the facilities outside the campus, or in the street in front of Myongji.


First, I want to present the restaurants in Myongji and how you can sustain yourself with some food. There is of course the school cafeteria, in the student building on the 3th floor, there you will have different menu everyday, with different levels of price going from 2,000 to 4,000 won each. It is good if you don’t have neither the time or the money to eat a big meal.

On the same building, but on the 4th floor, there is another kind of cafeteria, that one is not only for students who want to eat, but also people who want to study as it has an open space. The food served there is basically “fast food”; like hotdogs and toasts. It is a good alternative if you are hesitating between eating and studying.




However, if you have time, you can still go to the dormitory’s entrance and eat a good burger at Mom’s Touch. Even if you are not residing in the dormitory, you can still go there and eat. I recommend their ham&cheese chicken fillet burger.



Now, there are other alternative to eat which is the convienence stores. There are two on the Seoul campus. One on the main building in the 5th floor, and a second one in the dormitory on the 4th floor. Of course, you can only access to the one on the 4th floor of the dormitory if you are living in the dormitory. The convenience stores have everything that you need, starting from snacks to real food, and stationary items.


Capture1We also have a bank in the school. The Hana Bank is the bank where most of the korean students and foreign students go to when they first arrive on the campus. It is very practical as there are not a lot of people, the maximum you could wait is 15 minutes, and one of the staff speaks really good English. The bank is open from 9am to 4pm monday to friday, and closed on national days. They also have ATM in the main building, the administrative building and the student building.


(Virginie SERGEAT)

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