Activities in Seoul – Part 3 –

Today I am going to introduce you to an activity that is part of koreans’ lives. It is cafe. But rather than presenting you with typical cafes, I want to talk about themed cafes.

There are many themed cafes in Korea, going from the simple decorated cafes to cafes with animals. In this post, I am going to introduce you to four different cafes that I thought were interesting.



The first one is the Banana Tree cafe. It has several branches, in Sinsa and in Itaewon. This cafe is basically a banana themed cafe. They a lot of drink and desserts with banana in it.



Their most famous dessert is the flower pot. It is basically a pudding disguised in a flower pot. The pot, and the flowers are not edible. You can choose the flavour of the pot, they have banana, strawberries, blueberries and expresso flavours. I recommend the banana one, I think banana goes along well with pudding.

For the drink, I recommend the Sam Sam Latte, it is basically a latte with cotton candy on top. It is really fun to eat, and drink!


I thought the prices were not exprensive considering the quality and the originality of the place. The flower pot is 5,800 won and a little bit more expensive if you take-out as you get to keep the pot, and the latte was also around 5,000won.

Also, if you come during summer, they will have Patbingsoo (Korean ice shaved ice) served in a flower pot too.



The second cafe I want to introduce is the Thanks Nature cafe. After we cannot do this blog without talking about animals cafes. This one is a little bit more special than others as it features sheep. Yes, it is a sheep cafe!

Upon your arrival, you can choose to play with the sheeps or not, as there are two rooms, so don’t be afraid to come if you just want to see the sheeps from afar.


The sheeps are really taken good care of, and you can see that they really love their ower. The sheeps will however be out during summer as it is too hot to live in the city during hot months.

The prices are quite reasonable compared to what you can find in Hongdae.



The third cafe I want to introduce is the Lego cafe. I thought it would be an interesting cafe to talk about as it is not common. There are two branches of that cafe, the two of them situated in Hapjeong. The first one is bigger than the other, however the activities and the drinks stay the same.

The drinks and desserts and quite pricey but it worths the shot. And if you want to add a little bit of money, you can choose a Lego to build. It is a fun activity to do while talking to friends or with your soulmate.



The last cafe I want to introduce to you is the Princess Diary Cafe. It is a very girly cafe where you can try dresses. It is a really fun activity to do with your friends or in couple, but boys might get a little bit bored by this activity.



You can rent many different dresses from 10.000won to 40.000won an hour. They have large choice of dresses like wedding dresses or hanbok.





(Virginie SERGEAT)


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