Activities in Seoul – Part 2 –

In the last post, I have talked about Seoul Grand Park and its various activities available for people, and especially about the zoo. Today, I am going to talk about animals too, but animals living underwater.


I am going to introduce you to the Coex Aquarium that I have visited last week. The Coex Aquarium is a display of 183 tanks and 90 breeding tanks with 3,500 tons of water volume, making it a large-squaled aquarium.


It welcomes 40,000 different sea creatures, coming from 650 different species divided in 16 themes zones. Actuallt the highest number of sharks and the largest variety of species in Korea are living in the aquarium. The fees are 25,000 won per adult, 22,000 per teenager, 19,000 per children. They also have special fees for people with disabilities.



I was surprised as I have never visited an aquarium other than in France, and the way how they positionned the different themes in the aquarium were a little bit different. In this aquarium, you have to follow a special route. I felt like the aquarium was trying to make people more responsible of their environment by displaying fishes from Korea, that are actually living in Seoul, in Hangang. They tried to give the customer, young and old, a sense of responsibility concerning our planet. I thought that it is something that is missing in most French aquariums I have visited. They aso had a tank to explain how the medusas were bred.


(Virginie SERGEAT)



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