Activities in Seoul – Part 1 –

Starting from today, I am going to do a series of post about what you can do in Seoul, as it is summer vacation.


Today I want to present you Seoul Grand Park, it is covering a 9,157,000㎡, and has themed areas for education, nature, and amusement. It has a camping site, a forest, an amusement park; Seoulland, a rose garden, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, a children park and a zoo.



The Zoo is the home of almost 3,000 thousand animals and over 350 species from all around the world. The zoo is the 10th largest in the world. The fees are 5.000 won for an adult, 3.000 won for teens and 2.000 won for children.



The Children’s Grand Park covers over 350,000 square meters and is a good opportunitiy for the parents to relax while their children are playing. It also contains a mini zoo. The Rose Garden is located near the lake and has about 30,000 roses  and more than 200 species. I recommend you to go in June as they are in full blossom in that period. Both the Children’s Grand Park and the Rose Garden are 2.000won for an adult, 1.500 for teens and 1.000 for children.


The forest is located inside the natural forest of Cheonggyesan Mountain. It has 470 tree species and 35 bird species. It also have a 6.3km long hiking trail that is divided in four sections, as well as rest areas. The smallest way takes at least 50 minutes while the longest takes 2hours and 50 minutes.


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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