Waterparks in Korea

It is finally summer and the heating wave is finally hitting the Korean peninsula.

After the exams, we finally need vacation right ? So today, I am going to introduce you the waterparks in Korea, and two of the most famous one.



The first one is Caribbean Bay in Yongin. It is part of the Everland branch. It is both the largest and the first waterpark in the country. It can welcome up to 20.000 people and has five themed zones, including indoors pools, outdoors pools, spas, water slides and water rides.

The most popular attraction is the wave pool, which waves can hit until 2.4 meters high!! Awesome, right ? For the 20th annniversary of the park, they opened a new attraction called Mega Storm, it is a 18 meter diameter funnel slide.

To go from Seoul to Carribean Bay you can take the bus 5002 from Gangnam Station.

To go from Myongji University to Caribbean Bay, you can take the bus 7612 to Hongdae and then from Hongdae to Gangnam by taking the subway LIne 2. Then you can take the bus 5002 direction Everland.

When you arrive to Everland, you can take the free shuttle bus.




The second one I want to introduce is Lotte Gimhae Water Park. It is located in Gimhae-Si, Gyeonsangnam-do. This park features custom-designed Polynesian-themed waterslides and pool, such as an outdoor wave pool, 135 meters, indoor wave pool (35 meters) and many other attractions.

To go from Seoul to Lotte Water Park, you can take the bus from the Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Jangyu Passenger Terminal, the fare is 22.400 won for regular, 33.300 won for premium and it is taking around 4 hours and 40 minute to go to the terminal and around 20 more minutes to go to the waterpark.


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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