How to acces to your classes on Eclass – part 2 –

This the part two of how to access to your classe son eclass.

In this article, I am going to introduce you the eclass more in detail and especially the rubrique 내 강의실 that rapidly explained last time.

This rubrique is really useful as it provides you more information on your classes.


To access in details your classes, you need to click on 내 강의실, and then click on 바로보기 on the class you want to access. As the classes are all written in Korean, you can focus on the hours of the classes to help you.

After on clicking 바로보기, a new tab will open on the website of your class.

You will have eight rubriques on your left:


강의정보 : Class Information. On this rubrique you will have information such as if it is an undergraduate or a graduate class, the name of the class, the name of the teacher, the code of the class, how much credits that class give and also the number of people assisting the class and the timetable.

나의정보 : My information

과제제출 : Submission of papers/reports

설문조사: Survey

공지사항 : Notice

강의자료실 : A rubrique where the teacher will post the lectures.

자유게시판 : Free posting

포토갤러리 : Photo Gallery

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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