Myongji Yongin Campus, “Myongji Cafe”

In Myongji, Yongin Campus, you can take a break between two classes in the “Myongji Cafe”. It is situated in front of the Student Union Building.


You can also study, as there are a lot of chairs and table outside. It is really useful during exam period, when you want to study and as well take some fresh air.


It is so popular amongst students that sometimes the tables are full of people during sunny days.

Inside the cafe, you can find some coffee (of course) but also pastries and desserts.

They actually a various many going from the ade to the fruit juices and organic tea. The prices are actually really cheap compared to a cafe outside, there are a lot of cafe brands in Korea such as Ediya Coffee, which I recommend for its White Hot Chocolate, or Twosome Place Coffee.

The coffee might have a different taste, especially if you come from a country where you drink real, strong coffee such as Italy, France, or Brazil; but it has still a good taste. And korean are actually really fond of their cup of coffee (iced or hot) before starting their day.

(Virginie SERGEAT)

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