Closing Ceremony and Party

The semester is already coming to an end. This week is the final week for the exams, so the Oulami organised a closing ceremony and after a party to be together one last time.

The ceremony was mainly about the last information concerning the end of the semester, like closing your korean bank account if you had one, closing your korean phone number if you had one too. But more important information such as not forgetting the date of your departure at the airport, as it happened that a lot of people missed their plane, or funnier advices such as not drinking too much but enjoy the last days in Korea.

Following the speech of the person in charge of the exchange program in Myongji, Tenny Kim, we watched a couple of videos about our stay in Korea and the different activities done during our semester. It was really touching and kind of sad to see our memories, the good time we spent here, the friends we’ve made along the journey and now realized that it was almost over and that many people were going back to their countries. We also had some games prepared by Oulami.


After we had a party, where we drank, responsibly, and eat delicious food. It was wonderful to share those moments maybe for the last time and saying our last goodbye to everyone.

In the overall, I think we all agree on saying that our stay in Korea was one of the most unforgettable moment of our life and that we made friends, sometimes even unexpected friends, and shared 6 months of our life with wonderful people.

I woud like to thank Myongji and the International Relations Office for giving us the opportunity to experience this semester at its fullest! We will never forget!

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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