The calendar, a special item of BAND

Nowadays’ society obliges us to be busy with everything, including forgetting some important dates that we have, like our relatives’ birthdays and such.

But with BAND, it becomes impossible to forget any dates. In this post, I’ll talk about the calendar in the groups of BAND created for the international and exchange students.

In those groups, the calendar is full of events so that the students will not forget any important dates.

To see, this calendar, you just have to click on the little icon in form of a calendar in the BAND app.

All the important dates such as holidays as well as public holidays are automatically written in the core of the BAND base. For example, national such as Seollal, Chuseok, or else national day. In 2018, there will also be a holiday for the Olympics. These holidays are really important for students because it allows us to rest a little bit.

By knowing in advance those dates, people are able to organize their free days. For foreign students, it allows us to plan trips during those holidays.

Moreover, Oulami can update the calendar with different events organised by them or the school. Before using BAND, they were either sending emails or announced it on Facebook. However, most of the students didn’t check their emails or they went to spam. And on Facebook, notifications often don’t work properly.

BAND also automatically take into account the birthdays of the members of the group, as long as they notice it on their profile. This item makes the members closer to each other.

Every member can create an event on the group if they want to.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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