BAND, a convenient SNS

In a previous posting, I’ve introduced the program “Buddy Program”. Today, I want to introduce a SNS program that is more convenient than others for this program.

As I’ve explained previously, BAND is an easy to communicate with others. It is also convenient not only for big groups, as explained in another article, but also very useful to small groups of students, in this post, the Buddy Program.


It is more convenient because it works as a little Facebook that nobody but you and people you’ve decided have access to. In the case of the Buddy Program, it is useful to people who have troubles showing pictures to everyone, but at the same time, wants to share their memories and good moments with people they’re close with.

You can easily invite your friend by sending them a link of the group you’ve created.

If you want to make friends without sharing everything with anyone, then I recommend you to come to Myongji to join the Buddy Program.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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