Second Introduction to Band : The Notices

As I’ve explained in another blog post, the foreign students and Oulami use SNS a lot to communicate between them. Today, I’m going to talk about another part of Band Naver.

It is called notice. Notices are a way to contact people on different subjects like activities, official information, but also announcements.

For example, announcements for TOPIK test. In order for the students to progress officially in Korean, they can pass a Korean proficiency test. By posting the information, not only Korean Language Institute students know about this but also foreign students.

Another frequent notices is the announcements of activities and the reports of those activities. This semester, they have been to the new bridge of Seoulro 2017, they went ice skating and so on. By posting announcements of the activities on Band, the students can proceed to a voting so that the Oulami kmow exactly how many people will join. In that way, they can make reservations easily.

The third frequent notice is the introduction to restaurants around Myongji. It was really a good idea to introduce this kind of notice because us, foreigners, we tend to eat at the same places all the time because we do not know anything else.

Compared to last year, the Band Naver really helped the foreign students to be more aware of the activities and official information concerning the University.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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