Introduction to Band Naver

The International office of Myongji has created for the sake of foreign students several things to help the students to follow the news and activities organised by Myongji or OULAMI. Today, I’m going to present another type of support that has not been presented yet and which is certainly unknown of the foreigners.

It is called BAND NAVER and it is a kind of blog/messenger. Once you join a group on BAND, you can post, chat with the members of the group but also post pictures and videos.


The International Office has created 6 groups so far: SAM (Summer at Myongji), the Buddy Program, the International students, the Exchange students, the OULAMI and K.I.D (K-Pop International Dance).

Those groups are a good opportunity to reunite all the foreign students. On the BAND the events are posted first, as well as the pictures.


We also have a common calendar that enter every event along the semester so that students can free their day to assist them. There is also a spontaneous alarm for the birthdays.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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