Trip to Wando with the Buddy Program

From the 29th of April to the 30th, the international students and the Koreans from the Buddy Program went to Wando. It is 5 hours away from Seoul by bus.


The first day, they were welcomed by the tourism office of Wando and they visited a museum related to the sea and seaweed.

It was really interested for foreign students to discover Wando, because it is not a place where usually we will go.

They also visited some booths related to the sea and even tried a seaweed ice cream!

They also took a lot of pictures at different places listed as “photozone”.

At night time they went for the “Wando Tower”. They could enjoy the beautiful view of Wando during night time. It’s was really beautiful because the lights of the island were so colourful! For dinner, they had traditional Korean fish from Wando! It was really delicious !


The next day, they woke up early and went directly to visit other places.


They could enjoy the perfect weather of Wando and visited a famous filming site for korean dramas and movies.

The filming site is called Haesin and was the filming site of many great movies such as Roaring Currents, a movie depicting the life of Lee SunShin and how he defeated the Japanese army.

After this, they hopped to the bus and went back to Myongji. This trip was really a lot of fun and we are really thankful to Myongji for letting us enjoying those kind of trip!


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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