Global Buddy Program

There is a special program created by the office of international affairs. Today, I will present the global buddy program.

This program is a little bit different from the OULAMI, because it is a one to one (or sometimes, one to two, three or four) program. One korean takes care of several international students and have to meet with them at least once a week.

Usually when they meet, they either have lunch together or go to a cafe to talk. The global buddy can also help for homeworks and they often do games and activities together.

Moreover, if some international students have troubles making friends, the global buddy can be a good link to help this person making international friends as well as korean friends by finding something that they have in common.


We also created a naver band group for the global buddy program if you want to join it.

Come to Myongji and let’s have fun!!

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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