Field Trip to DMZ


On the 8th of April, the foreign students of Myongji University went to the DMZ. That field trip was organized in order to make the foreign students discover a part, mostly painful of Korean History. The DMZ also gained in popularity with the filming of Descendants of the Sun, the popular korean drama with Song JoongKi.


The DMZ remembers to Korean their sad history of a country torn apart by more powerful forces, and because of conflicts that were in the first place not theirs.

They went to the last station before entering in North Korea.

When the “two brothers” were united this train used to function everyday, but since the war it has stopped any activities.


Even, if the train stopped, I hope that one day, this station will be full of travelers again, both from the North and from the South. A lot of Koreans wait for the unification of the two brothers that were separated for too long.


Finally, they visited the place where Descendants of the Sun was filmed.

They tried on the clothes of the drama and enjoy taking pictures like the two main characters of the drama. It was a funny side to this field trip full of Historical facts and places.

Before leaving, they took a picture saying “I love the OULAMI from Myongji!”.


It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot of things! Thank you Myongji for this opportunity!

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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