Activities in Yongin Campus

For the sake of foreign students, many activities are organized in Myongji. Today, I’m going to talk about the activities organized in Yongin Campus by OULAMI, in order for the foreign students to feel integrated in the school and in their student life.

Every week, activities are prepared; on Mondays (board games), on Wednesdays (sports) and on Thursdays (Korean classes). Every Monday, OULAMI and the foreign students play board games together, it’s a good way to build friendships. Every Wednesday, they play sports in the school such as tennis, badminton and so on. While on Thursdays, OULAMI help students with their Korean skills or have just free conversation in Korean with them.


Other events are organised every once a month. For example, in March they organised a city tour to help foreign students familiarize with their surroundings and give them recommendations on the places to eat, to have a coffee and so on. In April, they came to see the cherry blossoms altogether and ate chicken and beer. And on this upcoming month of May, they will all participate in the Myongji festival.


And finally, every once a week, a special event is organised. It is often linked to the life of the university such as entering in a club for example.

검심 동아리체험 (4)

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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