2016 Summer Away at Myongji (SAM)

Every August of the year, Myongji University organizes a summer camp called Summer Away at Myongji (SAM).

People who can participate in this program are not only exchange students from the University but also people who wants to have a unique experience in Korea. During this program, they will stay in the dormitory of Seoul Campus, with the OULAMI.


During one month, korean classes are being dispensed every morning  from 9.30am to 12.30pm, while in the afternoon, they can participate to different activities with the OULAMI, such as K-POP dance, calligraphy or taekwondo. They will more than just the way to practice it, they will also learn about the culture.

Although the activities organized outside change every year, the indoor activities stay the same.

Bibap Performance


‘BiBap’ is a performance about two sous chefs competing in a bibimbap cook-off.

Because it was more based on gestures and sounds, even people who could speak korean could understand what was going on.

KakaoTalk_20170403_135252780               People get selected to go on stage.

TongIn Market


This market is situated near GyeongbokGung. It is a market where you can exchange your money into coins only used in the market to buy food with.

Gyeongbok Palace


This visit was a good way to really enter into Korean Culture and History. GyeongBok Palace is a korean palace that was burn during Japanese Invasion but is on reconstruction. The GyeongBok Palace that you can see nowadays is only about 1/3 of what it used to be!

 Cooking Class in Insadong


This activity was mainly centered on Korean Food which is more difficult to make that what we usually think. It was a good opportunity to discover another part of the Korean Culture.

Oeam Traditional Village


This activity was a two days/one night excursion. They experienced wearing the traditional costume Hanbok, and played traditional game. At night, they ate Korean Barbecue altogether with the Oulami. Through this excursion, they experienced another side of Korean culture, a more modern one, which is MT. MT are made for students to create links more easily.

The followings pictures are the activities organised freely by OULAMI and the students during the weekend.

They went to club, Gwanghwamoon, Cheonggyecheon stream and Goblin Night market.


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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