Introduction to Oulami

A lot of Foreign students are coming to Myongji University. In order to help those students, Oulami was created.

어우라미 단체샷

Oulami has three main roles. First of all, we organise every international events on the campus such as Games’ Day, or organising booth during the university festival. The campus of Seoul organizes one activity every week around korean culture or what korean do during their free time (bowling, ice skating and many other things). While Yongin campus organizes activities three days a week (monday, wednesday and friday) like sports, games or learning korean.

The second role of Oulami is to help foreign students. Oulami created a schedule so that everytime foreign students need help, there are available for them. In Seoul campus, the Oulami room is situated on the 4th floor of the Administration Building, while in the Yongin Campus it is situated on the fifth building in the room number 5241. You can come there not only when you need help but also when you want simply talk and play games with Oulami.


The third role of Oulami is to help the foreign students discovering korean culture. They can discover Korean Culture through field trips that are organized every 6 months. For example, this semester, we went to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) that separates North Korea and South Korea. This was also the filming site of one of the most popular drama of last year “Descendants of the sun”. Through the day, they discover an important part of Korean History and Culture.


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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