Introduction to Oulami Facebook

Nowadays, social networks play an important part in communication between people.

That is why the club of the international affairs (OULAMI) uses both facebook, naver band, as well as Instagram. Among all those different social platforms, I’m going to introduce Facebook, which has the most followers.

페이스북 그룹

First, I’ll introduce the group created by OULAMI for the foreign students. This group’s name is “Myongji University International Outreach Student Club”.

On this page, different activities and information are uploaded, during the semester as well as during holidays. The exchange students can participate or not in the activities without being pressured to do so. Foreign students can also post on the page in order to share fun activites or information about Seoul or Korea.

페북 페이지2사진첩

Secondly, I would like to present another Facebook page: “Myongji University International”.

This page is mainly a gallery of photos and videos of the different activities organised by OULAMI. This page was created for the students to remember good memories as well as for the students who didn’t go to join the activities next time.

If you are interested and want more information, I invite you to check on those pages.



(Virginie SERGEAT)

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