Introduction to Myongji University Yongin Campus

   Myongji University has two campuses: one in Seoul which is the campus of Social Sciences and the campus in Yongin which is focused on Natural Sciences.

In Yongin Campus, the following departments are teached: -Natural Sciences-Engineering-Art and Physical Education-or Architecture.


Yongin Campus is the fourth biggest country in Korea. That big campus is not only a place to study but also contain several attractions that appeal the eye of the students as well as the visitors’.

The first attraction is



The upcoming month of April will be the beginning of the Cherry Blossom as well as the Cherry Blossom Festival. The “Cherry Blossom Road” is full of Japanese cherry trees that are expected to bloom during the month of April. As you may know, this blossom only lasts for a few days as the flowers are quite weak and fall as the wind blows. These trees don’t actually produce cherries. The “Cherry Blossom Road” is so popular that you can find a lot of pictures on social media.

The festival is not only about flowers but also about food. Departments and Students Clubs take advantage on this festival to sell different kinds of food.

자연캠퍼스 벚꽃축제


Students from Visual Design opened a calligraphy gallery while a student club “울림소리” (meaning echo sound) was having a performance.

But Cherry Blossom also mean the beginning of the midterm exams. The weather is getting hot and the students are tired of studying so this festival is a good way to relieve the stress, enjoy delicious food and spend time with your friends.


The second attraction is the “Myongji Festival”


The Third week of the month of May the “White Horse Festival” is kind of similar with the Cherry Blossom. Each department or Students Clubs is selling foods or goods in a small market organized in Yongin Campus.

As the night fall, the festival becomes a music and performance festival where famous singers and groups perform in front of the students.


If you like one of the group or singer that is going to perform in your school, make sure to secure a seat few hours before its venue.

The third attraction of Yongin Campus is certainly the “Gymnasium”.


검심 동아리체험 (4)

It is composed of a basketball court as well as the tennis club as well as seats for the audience. The students can make a reservation in order to use the gymnasium freely.

Lastly, I want to introduce the Dormitory.


Because of the enormous amount of students who need to use the dormitory, the dormitory is composed of several buildings.

The third building of the dormitory is reserved for the male students, while the fourth and the fifth buildings are reserved for female students. The rest of the buildings are for the graduate school students.



In the dormitory, you can either live in a room or two or in a room of four people.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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