Orientation for International Students


On Feb 23, there was an orientation for international exchange students who would be studying at Myongji for either one semester or for one year. Around 90 new students participated in the event which started at 10:30. During this time, international students fro various countries learn about Korean culture and share their own cultures.

The International Outresch Student Club (OULAMI) members arrange and participate in this event. These member students help international students feel welcomed and get settled in at Myongji and Korea. These students also initiate variety of cultural excursions for international students to experience Korean traditional and contemporary cultures.


During the orientation, there was a small event. The students were asked to register into a community app called, NAVER BAND. The international students will receive updated information and fun facts about the university and Korea during their stay. All the students successfully registered and participated in a photo shooting contest. Students posed with the NAVER BAND logo and those who took the funniest and most brilliant photo received a price. NAVER BAND is a usefuly app that helps the lives of international students at Myongji.

After the orientation, international students received a warm welcome from the OULAMI students in a welcoming luncheon party and was taken into a campus tour.

Come join Myongji to be part of this fun activities.


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