Welcoming Party


On the 10th of March, the OULAMI organized a welcoming party for the foreign students that arrived for this semester or the whole year. Like every new semester, the goal is to build links between OULAMI and the foreign students and let the students know each other a little bit better.


First, everybody came to the Oulami room and then we went together to the restaurant where the party was organized. We ate Samgyeopsal which is a typical korean dish composed of pork grilled on a korean barbecue and often accompagnied by doenjangjjigae (된장찌개), a fermented soy-bean stew.

For a lot of the foreign students, it was one of their first enjoying a korean meal in a real korean atmosphere.

The new foreign students could also try another part of the korean culture which is the drinking culture. Because of their culture, a lot of korean are shy and are not especially good to make the first step in order to talk to new people. But meeting people around a drink is a good way of creating new bonds between people.


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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