New school year



The 2nd of March, and after nearly three months of vacation, a new semester finally started! In Korea, every year is given a number which can be considered as a new “generation” of students. This year, the 17th “generation” were welcomed in Myongji University. In order for each student to feel integrated into the university environment, each department and major organized an OT “orientation time” which consist of a meeting between seniors and freshmen. Each department organizes its party on its own and it is generally spent in a rented place not far away from Seoul.

Also, unlike some European universities, each student can arrange and choose the classes they want, insofar as the students take some major classes. The credits go from a minimum 12 to a maximum of 17 for international students. What is good about this system is that even though my major is not Economy or Political Science, I can still take the classes if I am interested in it. This was really a plus in choosing to travel to Korea because I wanted to learn more than what my major usually teach.

Also, compared to other countries, in Korea, you have a period of time to change classes if they don’t suit you. This semester, it was from the 2nd of March to the 8th of March.



(Virginie SERGEAT)




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