MyongJi University, ‘Faculty Concert for students’ took place

Humanity Campus – A concert which faculty members and students create all together


The 12th Faculty concert for students took place in an auditorium, on the tenth floor of the main building, on November the 1st. The concert is held every year in a bid to celebrate thanksgiving and pursue our mission, love and service.

The concert was presented by Yoo Ki-Jung who is an alumni and the president of JB family acting school, with minister Koo Jae-hong’s preachment and professor Ahn Jong-Kil’s praise and:  Kim Gwang-Jin’s ‘letter’(2 people including professor Joo Sung-Il from Chinese language and literature dept.), Kim Jin-Pyo’s ‘romantic winter’(2 including professor Ahn Jung-Gook from Arabic region dept.), Tosti’s ‘Preghiera’(3 people including professor Kang Yoon-Ok in Chinese language and literature) , YB’s ‘red sunset’(8 people including professor Lee Eun-Mi from Japanese dept.) , ‘you raise me up’(2 people including professor Bang Young-Ju from liberal arts) , Sagging snail’s ‘like I said’(2 people including professor Lee Joo-Hyoung from liberal arts) , Special performance(professor Kim Ryu-Wong from liberal arts dept.) , encouragement speech(president Yoo Byung-Jin) , announcement and blessing(professor Koo Jae-Hong)

This day, vice president Kim Do-Jong said: “I am grateful that you’ve expressed your love to students via music and that I appreciate faculty devoted to school and student who make progress. And I hope you will all have great new year season.”

Student Kim Jae-Ho who attended the concert this day uttered “I was so impressed to see how hard the students and teachers had work on their performances. The excellency of the performance played by them must be memorable for students.”


■ Natural science campus – poignant concert to unite students and faculty.


‘Faculty concert for students’ was held to celebrate thanksgiving day as well as the students’ day. It took place on the chapel and started at 11am to finish at 12pm. The concert was centered on faculty members sing songs of love toward students with beautiful tradition of MyongJi making warm community of love and service.

The schedule of the 8Th faculty concert on natural science campus is as followed:  professor Jun Jin-Young’s Saxophone play ‘letter’, professor Yoo Choong-Yeol(Liberal arts dept.) and Prefessor Hong Sang-Jin’s acoustic guitar play and song ‘love is always gone’, ‘don’t worry, thou’, professor Kim Jung-Hyun(Music dept.)’s special hymn ‘god is my shepherd’, professor Choi Il-Gyu and his pupils’ ‘all for one’, faculty praise committee and Voice of Myong-Ji ‘manarita, please come, the lord Jesus’

In the encouragement the president Yoo Byung-Jin gave, he asked them please to glow the world with lesson and love from faculty. In addition, the president added “I wish you will enjoy the performance freely without thinking about the concerns you might have.”

The passionate performance could console students who withstand the extremely competitive modern society. November with ripen fall, thanks to all faculty and students who boost dream and courage via the poignant concert.



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