■ Seoul Campus – Human Sciences Campus: A concert in which faculty members and students participated all together.


The 12th Faculty Myongji Concert was held on November 1st , at Seoul Campus or Human sciences campus. Not only students but also faculties’ members participated all together on this concert by singing popular Korean and English’s songs.

The MC for this night was Mr. Ki Jung Yoo, president of JB’s Acting School and Myongji’s alumni, gave an introductory speech of welcome to prominent guests (President ByungJin Yoo, Minister Jae Hong Goo and Prof. Jong Kil Ahn) and all the audience. Also, during the night, outstanding personalities of Myongji University gave a speech in order to motivate all the participants of the night and congratulate them for their arduous effort and participation in this concert.

■ Performances

Kim Gwang-Jin’s ‘Letter’ by Prof. Sungil Joo  and his students from Chinese Language and Literature Department.

Kim Jin-Pyo’s ‘Romantic winter’ by Prof. JungKook Ahn and his students from Arabic Language and Literature Department.

Tosti’s ‘Preghiera’ by Prof. Kang Yoon-Ok and his students from Chinese Language and Literature Departement

YB’s ‘Red sunset’ by Prof. EunMi Lee and her students from Japanese Language and Literature Departement.

‘You raise me up’ by Prof. YoungJu Bang and his students from Liberal Arts Department.

Sagging snail’s ‘Like I said’ by Prof. JooHyung Lee from Liberal Art Department.

Special performance( by Prof. RyuW Kim from Loiberal Art Department.

At the end of this magnificient concert, Vice-president Mr. DoJong Kim said, “I am thankful for your participation on this concert, I could see all effort and love that you have expressed to everyone here through this magnificient musical performance. I trylu appreciate it, and I hope you all  spend a great new year”


Mr. JaeHo Kim, a student who attended the concert also said, “I was so impressed to see how hard the students and teachers worked on their performances. I’m sure that we will keep in our memories this excellent performance”

■ Yongin Campus – Natural Sciences campus: A concert that unified all Myongji’s students.


Not only in Seoul campus, but also in Yongin campus, the 12th Myongji-s concert was held to commerate two important days: Thanksgiving-s day and Student’s day.

■ Performances

‘Letter’ by Prof. JinYoung Jun (saxophone) and Prof. ChoongYeol Yoo from Liberal Art Department.

‘Love is always gone’ by Prof. SangJin Hong acoustic ver. from Music Department.

‘don’t worry, thou’ by Prof. JungHyung Kim from Music Department.

‘All for one’ by Prof. GyuIl Choi and his students.

Before the concert starts, Mr. ByungJin Yoo gave a speech to thanks everyone participation and also to the audience. In addition, the president said, “I wish you will freely enjoy this beautiful musical performance, leaving all worries and just enjoying this moment”



Written by: Unknown author

Edited by: Fabiola Rodríguez La Torre

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