Myongji University is the first university chosen in Erasmus+ program


                         Exchange shared research  Professor Yoon Tae-Sik                 An exchange Student Kim Hye-Ri

This year, Professor Yoon Tae-Sik from new ceramic Advanced material engineering dept. and Kim Hye-Ri of Art-history were chosen to be part of Erasmus plus program in the EU (European Union) for the first time. they were choosen because not only from the their research capability and dedication but also because of international relation office’s efforts.

The efforts is made by the office which plan to improve the international education and exchange programs and then implement it for Myongji University. It become a corner stone in order to make the students become more aware to face globalization. Thanks to those efforts, Myongji university has M.O.U with 208 schools from 40 nations in total.

Also in this post I will write about the program that held by the EU.

Professor Yoon Tae-Sik from advanced materials engineering dept.


Erasmus+ – Professor application

Europe had created Erasmus program to support exchange students study in Europe (Erasmus: European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Student) since 1987. The EU expanded and turned into Erasmus+ program, they managed exchange programs in the vary areas such as : education, research, teenagers and sports. Thus, it offered a lot of different courses in the selected faculties from Russia, US, South Korea, and other countriess courses as well as states in the EU’s program. The created program was for boosting the universities’s competence. The program included a lecture, mobility for teaching, mobility for training, and team up with faculties in Spain.

Mutual research and educational support program

” In the university of Basque Country in Spain as the welcomer of the chosen faculty members from US, Russia, Canada, and South Africa. I met a research group led by Jose Manuel Barandiaran and discussed a cooperation plan. In addition, I addressed a speech over my study and visited several faculty members, with discussion enhancing our shared research. And in BC Materials, also known as the biggest materials research center in Basque, directed by Professor Baradiaran, I gave a lecture and had seminars with researchers in the center. Since they have studied various applied materials including Nano materials, smart materials and advanced functional materials as active and vibrant researches on information materials elements and mechanic part elements have gone, we had a valuable time sharing research perspectives regarding the synthesis and application of Nano materials, which enabled us to find a mutual research plan to remedy our shortcomings and intensify our strengths.”

A novel study on information mechanic elements

“I am now doing research on new electronic elements with Nano materials, semi-conductive materials and oxidant materials such as semi-conductive elements, it is similar to human brain’s neurons, it embodies neuron systems which overcomes constraint of an existing computing system and duplicates excellent juxtaposition methods and physiological neuron systems with high energy-effectiveness. Compared to von Neumann computing system, human brain is able to spend little energy on addressing complicated functions, implementing a parallel processing with some 1015 high connectivity.”

Student Kim Hye-Ri from Art-History dept.


Erasmus+ – A student application

“I didn’t know about Erasmus+  program at all during the time I applied for an exchange program. As I was about to take my second semester in Spain, the international relation office contacted me. It was an unexpected chance, but the preparation for the speech help me understand how much life in Spain had affected me. Some Spanish friends took an audit of my speech, and one of them actually decided to study abroad as an exchange student. It was a special experience seeing that my speech had huge impacts on someone’s life. I was informed of the fact that I was chosen to be a part of the Erasmus+ program after coming back to Korea. I began to think that we need to take every little opportunity when it comes to us.”

Erasmus+ to me?

“First, I have had such a memorable experience of giving a speech in front of foreign friends. Even if I was not sure to have conveyed my ideas in English, as it is not my mother tongue, I was so excited to see that someone might be inspired by me. It is essential for the Erasmus Plus scholarship program to encourage others to have various experiences like culture shocks and encounter people from all countries. I am now building my future plans according to the scholarship I’ve received.”

Erasmus­+ and a new road.

“First, I originally thought about entering a graduate school and studying the same major as I really enjoyed it and wanted to learn more things from it. When I received the scholarship to go abroad, I wanted to go to the US in the first place, but suddenly, my interests in Spain grew and I decided to go to Valencia University. I wound up going to the University of Basque in Bilbao because of messed schedules between Valencia and Myong-Ji.

I am nowadays thinking about going or not to a graduate school. I don’t know whether I would go back to Spain or enter a graduate school. One thing that I’ve learned through the program is that I should not limit myself. We don’t know when or where or how exciting opportunities would come.”


Written by : Unkown

Editted by : William Christianto Setiawan


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