■ Human Sciences Campus (Seoul Campus) – ‘White Horse’ Athelitics Competition 2016


‘The 68th Anniversary White Horse closing ceremony’ was held on August 6th at the main campus of Myongji University. The athletic competition, which had been going on over the past month, came to an end today.



The closing ceremony started with a welcoming speech by Mr KiYoung Kim, an undergraduate student from Philosophy Department 12′, to all prominent guests and general audience.

On his speech, President ByeongJin Yoo said, “I was surprised and moved by Our cheerladers’ performance, I coud really see how much effort they did put on this and how hard they practised to give us a magnificient performance. I truly hope that our school constantly motivate our dear students to achieved their dreams and become an excellent professionals.”

Cheerleaders’ teams, such as ‘Bi-Cheon’ from Art-history Department., ‘Kangkangsulae’ from History Department., ‘Heroes’ from Law Department. showed different performances that night.


Vice-president’ students, Mr. JiMin Woo, host and a student from Digital & Media Department, said: “I am very glad that this competition come to a sucessfully end since we all have put our energy and worked hard on this competition. I hope that you will keep your faith on us as we will be working much hard on these events.” 

The Athletics Competion 2016 has became a place to enjoy all together and share beautiful memories.  At the end, we could appreciate the passion and youth, both symbols of our Myongji’s students, in every single performance they did on this hard competition.

■ Natural Sciences Campus (Yongin Campus): ‘White Horse’ Athelitics Competition 2016


‘The 2016 White Horse Athletics Competition closing ceremony’ was held on the same day, but this time, at Yongin Campus. The ceremony started with the speech of Concil’s students ‘Impact’, who thanks all prominent guests and the audience for coming today.


After the introductory speech, the Vice President Mr. JongMying Lee said, “I wish all studentss learnt about effort and dedication through this competition, because these two values could lead them to a brighter and better future. Also, I think this competition could help them to stay healthy, and it is important to remember that students not only need to be focused on studies but also be worried about their health.”

At the end of the ceremony, the competion chose a winner: The Department of Industrial engineering won the first place. Ms. HanBin Go, representating her department, went on stage to receive the prize and said, “I am so thanksful to everyone here, we made our dream come true”


After the awards ceremony , cheerleading teams from 15 Departments performed on stage. All of them showed excellent performances, receiving the applause they deserved.

Written by: Unknown author

Edited by: Fabiola Rodríguez La Torre


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