Myongji Library


The library of Myongji is an important place for Myongji’s students. It is filled with 1.1 million books and 5000 of those books were donated by Myongji’s fonder, Dr. Sanggeun Yu.

1%ec%b8%b5-%ed%95%99%ec%88%a0%ea%b4%80Its story started in 1956 with the creation of the Human Sciences department. It is composed of four floors.

The 1st floor is mostly dedicated to study. It has three big rooms for study, and in one of them you can bring your own laptop. The hall has computers that will help you to register a seat in one of those rooms, it is very useful in exam periods as the library tends to be full in those times. A huge part of the first floor is a free space where you can talk with your friends or take breaks during study.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

The second floor is entirely constituted of rooms for group works. To reserve those rooms you just have to enter the name of the students, the time and the room you want in one the computers on the first floor.

The third floor is connected to another exit close to one of the buildings where you can have class. This floor is filled with books but also has a computer room and a UCC studio.

The third and last floor of the library is arranged the same way as the third floor but with more free space to study.%eb%8f%84%ec%84%9c%ea%b4%80%ed%9c%b4%ec%8b%9d%ec%a0%84%ea%b2%bd

(Virginie SERGEAT)



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