Games’ day at Myongji!!

bhaud01517qfabe751gsp_7n0f46hhcud015zqkf6fbibxon_rvxbypOn the 24th September, Oulami members decided to organize a games’ day for international students on the theme of Pokemon and their capacities. We left early in the morning to go to Yongin campus by bus. Everything was already ready when we arrived and after a small meeting, we were grouped in different teams and the day officially started! We started by making our team poster and we played a little game in order to break the ice!

They were four different games:


The first one was the poison drink game. Team A should drink the contents of each drink in front of them. Some of them were filled with coke, others were filled with coke and soy sauce. The goal was for team B to guess which drinks had soy sauce in it.



The second game was a relay race. They were four different mini-games and the goal was for the team to finish before the other.






The third one was a water-gun fight. Each member of each team was wearing a waterproof coat and had to stick on it 5 different pieces of paper. We had to hide the papers really well in order for it to not be sprayed with water. Once the papers were stuck, we had to link our wrist with one of our members and we had to be sure that the link doesn’t break. The last team which had more members win!


The last game was made of two mini-games. The first one was about getting the most paper and the second one was a match against another team. The winning team must have most red or blue squares than the other.




We had a lunch break between the games, it was a good occasion to take a picture and to talk with our team members.5eeud015z0pzogpxe03b_3c22u7

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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