Field trip to Suwon!

14964199_10154683347899573_1494345289_oOn the 29th of October, Oulami organized a day trip to Suwon to discover Korean culture.

Suwon is a city in the South of Seoul, it is famous for its historical heritage.

14872596_10154683345644573_7036603_nWe left Myongji at around 7 am by bus to arrive at Suwon around 9 am, in front of Hwaseong Fortress. Some of us decided to wear hanboks (Korean traditional clothes) in order to spend a more traditional day.

The students were divided into several teams, each team had two oulami members as leaders.

14958861_10154683342979573_1512316236_nThe day started with Korean traditional archery. Each student was given 10 arrows to shoot. We all hoped to strike the target but it was more complicated than expected. After the archery, we went for a walk on and around the fortress. We took a lot of pictures and we had a lot of fun!

We then took our lunch in a hotel in Suwon. This is how we started the second part of our journey.



We visited a palace which had organized some stand with traditional Korean activities for us to do such as making rice cake, bracelets or your own pottery. As it was not free, we received two big gold coins to pay the shopkeepers.





Around 3pm, we watched a play outside. It was a traditional play mixing romance with humor. It was mainly about society and its inequality: rich people overlook poor people, and poor people follow rich people thinking they are going to get rich.



At the end of the play, we had around 30 minutes of free time then it was time to go back to the bus.

It was a full day and most of us fell asleep on our way back to the university.






(Virginie SERGEAT)


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