Myongji and BAND NAVER

1474966681388_imgMyongji University (current headmaster : ByeongJin Yoo) signed on the 22th September 2016 in Seoul Campus a contract with the Korean mobile community app BAND (run by JooKwan KIM) in order to improve the student life of foreign students  within the university.


To make student life easier, BAND service provides not only a private forum, to whom only members of the groups have access but also an instant messaging service. This app also allows them to participate in different events organized by Korean students, to share their memories through the posting of photos on the forum but also allows the creators of the group to make surveys in order to better know what foreign students want to do. Thanks to BAND, students can forge links with one another and get used more quickly to life abroad.

1474966884327_imgThis 22 September, BAND, and Myongji signed a contract of two years, making official the use of the service for foreign students.

Myongji University welcomes around 1,000 foreign students, including international students, exchange students, and Korean language institute students. “It is quite difficult to create strong relationships and to communicate with foreign students and Korean students via emails or update of a page on the social network. We needed a service like BAND in order to improve these relations.” Explained Taeyeon Kim, currently in the office of international affairs.


Meanwhile, BAND is mainly used for public institutions, parents meetings or fan meetings.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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