Myongji University, the First University in Korea to Sign an Agreement with BAND to Assist International Students.


On September 22nd, in the Humanities Campus (Seoul), Myongji University (President Byong-Jin YOU) became the first university in Korea to sign an agreement with Campmobile (Representative Ju Kwan KIM) for its community service BAND to provide and better support educational and living environment for international students.

BAND community service for international students easily transfers information and with live chatting service, help is reached to the ones needed in seconds. Also, surveys can be collected to check on the level of satisfaction and participation of events, photos can be shared through albums, members can easily make friends and quickly adapt to the new environment.

Through the agreement, BAND will provide Myongji University a variety of services for the next 2 years and Myongji University will use BAND as an official tool to manage international students.

Approximately 1,000 international students are studying in Myongji University as exchange students, undergraduates, graduates, and language institute students. Tenny Kim, a faculty member of Myongji University Office of International Affairs, stated that “International students require more close attention and systematic management unlike Korean students. There are many limitations to contacting them and providing specific information through e-mails and homepage notifications. This is why we decided to use BAND service.”

Currently, Myongji University has obtained ‘International Education Quality Assurance System’ certificate and is putting the utmost effort for the globalization of higher education of Korea by promoting and managing international students. BAND for international student is a part of the effort.

On the other hand, BAND actively deals with various organizations, school parents, fan meetings, and other community activities.


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