Seoul International Firework Festival


On the 8th of October 2016, Seoul organized its famous international firework festival! It took place on Han River, but you could see it from nearly everywhere in Seoul. This annual event gathers each time a lot of people on the banks of Han River. This year too, it was crowded, but it didn’t prohibit us to enjoy fully the show!

1966713_image2_1It started around 7 pm with the opening ceremony and ended around 10pm. It was not exclusively dedicated to fireworks as few performances were also presented before “the big show”. This year, Seoul City set up fireworks from Japan, Spain, and Korea. The firework performance in itself lasted approximately 120 minutes and it was more than enough to truly appreciate the show.

Once the performance was over, people started to leave the banks of Han River and a lot of teams started to clean the place. For the next 30 minutes, subways and buses were full of people with happy faces and head full of good memorieskakaotalk_20161014_174727811


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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