Myongji Festival at Seoul Campus

After the Yongin campus festival was such a big hit, I was especially looking forward to our very own Seoul campus festival. Together, Oulami and the international students had planned to sell food from different nations, advertise that food stall while wearing traditional outfits from various countries and perform with a dance group.


The first day of the festival began with us welcoming the MJU president at our booth, which Oulami had put up with much care. We ate some light snacks with him and other MJU officials and talked a lot about each other’s home country. I was seated directly across from the president and was so happy to hear him talk about the good experiences he made in Germany.

After this meeting, a part of our group got ready to welcome the first guests to our booth while the rest of us went out to explore the rest of the festival grounds. But while the hot May sun was still high in the sky, nobody really felt like moving around a lot. This changed abruptly with the sun set. As soon as it started to cool off a little bit, students pooled onto the festival grounds to enjoy themselves while eating and drinking. The stage program started as well, which lured even more students onto the sports field, which was used as the forestage. Since it was only the first festival night and I wanted to conserve my energy I was planning to go home early. But the festival mood was so good that I didn’t make it home until 1 am.

The second festival day was even hotter and more exciting than the first one. This time, I was part of the cooking team and while working the grill I could also watch the people going in and out of our tent. We also had a small booth with souvenirs and cute dolls from Peru set up in front of our main booth as well as a PR group which walked around campus in traditional clothes to get people interested in our food booth. We were so busy that the day just flew past and before we knew it the last festival day was already starting.

On this day our dance group did a great performance. Many other clubs also had some performance prepared. For one last time we gave it our all in our makeshift kitchen and served up delicious food and cool drinks for our customers. This evening went by in a rush as well and while the official stage program ended at around 11 pm most of us stayed on the sports field until the early hours of the next morning. When people started to take down the festival tents at around 6 am we also decided to start wrapping up. As we took down the last part of our booth another successful event came to its end that would not have been half as fun if it hadn’t been for Oulami.❤

(Elena Kubitzki)


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