Seasons in Korea

South Korea has four distinct seasons unlike some countries in Europe for example. Winter is generally cold and dry while summer is hot and humid. The average of temperature is minus 10 degree Celsius in winter and between 30 and 35 degree Celsius
in summer.


It rains the most during summer. As Korea is part of Asia, it is subject to monsoon. This rain sometimes evolves in typhoons. The air is often heavy and humid with often more than 90% of humidity. If you are travelling in Korea during summer, be sure to fill your luggage with T-shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses. Be also sure to have repellents and sunscreen. Most of the places in Korea (restaurants, stores, and cinemas) have air conditioner.


Spring and autumn are short but it is the best to visit Korea. The air is fresh and the days are sunny. However, don’t forget to take jackets as the nights are quite cold.



Winter is very cold and dry. The temperatures are often under zero. Winter starts at the end of November and ends in March. The cold air comes from Siberia and is filled with dust. It snows most of the time during winter. If you are travelling in Korea during winter, be sure to take a lot of warn clothes and waterproof shoes.

(Virginie SERGEAT)

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