Restaurants near Myongji University

If you study in Myongji Univeristy, you will have the opportunity to take your meals in diverse restaurants near the university. I would like to recommend you few restaurants if you just arrived in Korea and you are not used to eat korean food, as it is often very spicy.


Kimbap Heaven 김밥천국:



Kimbap Heaven is restaurant brand that you can find all over Korea. It is a good restaurant for students and tourists as the prices are quite cheap (between 4USD and 7USD for a proper meal), the range of food is very large and you can order easily even if you don’t speak korean or if you speak really basic korean. To order, you just have to write you order on a paper or to tick which one you want if the owners give you a paper with the different meals on it.


Hansot 한솥:


Hansot can be considered as the korean Mcdonald’s, but in a healthier way. It is a fast-food brand which sells 도시락 (dosirak), lunchboxes in english. The range of price goes from 2USD to 8USD for the most expensive ones. Hansot is excellent when you have neither the time nor the money to spend in a meal.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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