Seoul Campus


Seoul Campus is made of 6 buildings (including a library) and is mainly situated on a hill.


Myongji’s dormitory:

Myongji’s dormitory (building 8) is composed of nine floors to welcome the students. On the first floor, you will have access to two laundry rooms (one for girls and the other for boys), and a fast-food restaurant ‘Mom’s Touch’. The second, the third and the fifth floor are entirely for boys while the first, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth and the ninth floor are entirely for girls. At each floor, there is a common room with TV and sofas. The prices for the dormitory are quite reasonable for one semester:

Room of two people : 1,258,000 KRW ( 1,090 USD)

Room of four people : 919,000 KRW ( 7 96 USD)


mugc-1On the fourth floor, there are rooms at each side of the corridor (left side for girls and right side for boys). At this floor, there is also a kitchen (with microwaves and electric stoves) and a small supermarket opened from 8 a.m to 10p.m. The kitchen is opened from 6a.m until midnight.

You cannot enter the dormitory unless you have a student card and if you are staying in the dormitory. Furthermore, you can only enter the floor you staying in.

You can stay in a room of two of four people. Every room has their own digital locker. When you first move in your room, you can change the password.

The buildings 1,4 and 5 are buildings where you will attend your classes. The building 5 is also the administrative building. The office of international affairs is situated in this building as well as the Oulami room.

The building 2 is a building for the students. There is a cafeteria and most of the floors in the buildings are for university clubs.



The building 6 is the library. You cannot enter it unless you have your student card. You will need it to enter and go out of the library.


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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