Amusement Park in Korea (part 2)


IMG_0012Everland is the biggest amusement park in Korea. It is situated outside of Seoul, in Yongin. This park is really big so I would advise you to go on their website first and do a plan of your visit so that you don’t lose time searching for the rides. I would also advise you to depart early as there are many people in the afternoon. This park is not only an amusement park; several festivals are organized over the year in the “Garden” of the park. But the main thing that distinguishes it from other amusement parks is its zoo. It the biggest one in Korea! You can also visit the “Caribbean Bay”, the biggest waterpark in Korea. The park also offers hotels like the “Homebridge Hillside Hostel” or the “Homebridge Cabin Hostel”.

Pass for Everland (does not include Carribean Bay): Adults 48 000 KRW / Students 41 000 KRW / Children, Elderly 38 000 KRW.T_Express_Everland_Resort

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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