Amusement park in Korea (part 1)


tumblr_inline_nt4hoc5cSW1qhrmqo_1280Lotte World is the perfect place to have fun in Seoul. This park has many roller coasters, a skating rink, different types of parades, a folk museum, a lake and many other things. Each year, the park welcomes 6.000.000 visitors, including 10% of foreigners. This park usually works on solar energy and is opened all year, regardless of the weather.



Lotte World is divided according to different themes, such as “Adventure” inside the park and “Magic Island” outside, next to the Seokchonho Lake. Lotte World Adventure is composed of streets which represent different countries, which different sorts of installations, and souvenir shops. You can also have fun watching the parades, the numerous movies, the laser shows, the gastronomy of different countries, even during holidays. Magic Island is situated outside of the park with the magic castle, and very high roller coasters. The main strength of this park lies in the quality of its roller coasters, The Gyro Drop and the Gyro Swing for example. These rides are the most liked by the visitors. You will even find a sign telling you that you should take off your shoes before getting on the ride, as it happens sometimes that visitors lose their shoes during the ride…

The prices of the park are quite affordable: Adults : 48,000 KRW / Teenagers (13~18years old) 42,000 KRW / Children(36months~12 years old) 38,000 KRW / Infant (less than 36 months) 12,000 KRW. You can have special sales if you show your student card.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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