See a doctor in Korea


If you are studying in Korea, or will study in Korea, you will certainly have the opportunity to see a doctor at least once during your stay. You have to know that in Korea, seeing a doctor means going to the hospital. If you are sick, you will have to go to the hospital, even if you just have flu or a cold.


hopitalThere is a small hospital near to Myongji University that I want to recommend to you. There are used to receive visits from international students. The name of the hospital is 현대중앙의원 (Hyundai Jungang Yuiwon). The staff a very basic English so I recommend you to come with one of your Korean friend. You can ask Oulami for help.

When you are going to the hospital, don’t forget to bring your Alien Registration Card and also your insurance care, you have to subscribe to one in your native country or you can take the one Myongji offers at the beginning of our stay.

If it is your first consultation in Korea, the staff will create your medical file and the doctor will also ask you if you have allergies to certain kind of medicine and if you are taking any medicine at the moment. He will then ask you your symptoms and will give you a prescription. At the end of your consultation, you will receive an injection which is basically painkillers. You will receive one each time you visit the hospital.

Capture&Once your consultation ended, the staff will print your prescription. You can get your medicine at the pharmacy which is next to the hospital. The pharmacy’s name is 서린 약국 (Seorin YakGuk). 약국 means pharmacy in korean.






The medicine will be given in little plastic bags. These bags correspond to the dose you have to take. You will be given an hour to take them, it is generally half an hour after your meal. Three different words can be written on these plastic bags:  아침 (morning), 점심 (lunch), 저녁 (dinner).


Useful Vocabulary:

To go to the nearest hospital by taxi : 제일 가까운 병원으로 가주세요. (Jaeil gaggaoon byungwoneuro gajuseyo.)

If there is a specific hospital you want to go to (Fill the blank by the name of the hospital) : _______으로 가주세요.( _______euro gajuuseyo.)

My stomach hurts : 배 아파요 (bae apayo)

I have an headache : 머리 아파요 (meori apayo)

My throat hurts : 목 아파요. (Mok ahpayo.)

My back hurts : 허리 아파요. (Huhri ahpayo.)

I have catched a cold : 감기 걸렸어요 (gamgi geolyoseoyo)

How much is it ? : 얼마예요 ? (olmayeyo)

I have an insurance card : 건강보험증 있어요. (Geongangboheomjeung isseoyo.)

(Virginie SERGEAT)

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