Myongji Festival at Yongin Campus

Every year in May many Korean universities hold their annual festivals. Varying a bit from university to university, the festivals usually last a few days and offer countless opportunities to eat delicious food, play games, enjoy stage shows and even see some famous artists perform. And since Myongji University has to campus – one in Seoul and one in Yongin – we also had two festivals, which meant double the fun.


I had the chance to visit Yongin Campus for the first time on the last day of their festival to promote the “Globalize Yourself” initiative that we started at the Seoul campus. Together with another international friend from France, I took the school shuttle bus early in the morning to get to Yongin. When we arrived we were amazed by the view we had: The Yongin campus is surrounded by nature, mountains and greenery as far as the eye goes. Furthermore, it is so much bigger than the Seoul campus we were used to, which gave us quite a shock.

During the day, we set up our “Globalize Yourself” exhibition, met and talk to a lot of students who were interested in it while also enjoying some snacks from the festival booths. We even spend some time at the Oulami booth, helping them to sell Nachos and drinks on that hot May afternoon.1463017742618

As the evening approached, the booths slowly started to pack up and so did our exhibition. But the festival day was far from over. To relax from the day we spend on our feet, we first went into one of the numerous tents which offered foods and drinks at cheap prices. We talked and laughed for a couple of hours before the first big main act stared – San E, a rap artist and personal favorite of mine, opened the stage to an excited crowd and gave aa splendid performance. It was over much too soon for my liking though, but the next performer took over right away, leaving no time to feel down.


After almost 2 hours, the stage program of that last festival night was over and everyone returned to the tents for another round of food and drinks. We stayed on campus until the wee hours of the morning and then moved to another location to wait for the busses back to Seoul to start running again. Having stayed up for almost 27 hours at that point, I was at the brink of exhaustion but it was an extremely memorable experience – even more so because university festivals don’t exist in Germany. I got to visit Yongin campus, promote “Globalize Yourself”, see San E perform and meet old and new friends. It was a perfect day~! ❤

(Elena Kubitzki)


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