Global Friendship Program


One of the many programs that are offered at MJU to allow their international students to get more involved in the student culture in Korea is the Global Friendship Program. In this program, Korean and international students are put together in groups to have a friendly competition with each other. One part of the program is the exchange of culture. The international students can introduce their home culture to their Korean friends while they learn more about Korean university life and Korean culture in general. The groups are free in how they want to organize their team work so it is up to them if they want to focus on traditional culture, modern popular culture like K-pop or even Korean culture through foods and dishes.

The second component of the program is doing volunteer work together. This is great because while the cultural exchange part of the program is fun, the volunteering one actually helps out other people who can use some support. Not only does this allow the teams to give something back to society, but it also makes the teammates work together for a common goal which in turn improves the team spirit. Furthermore, looking for and doing volunteer work alone – especially in a foreign country – can be intimidating. However, making an experience like this and moving outside one’s usual comfort zone is much easier when it’s done with the teammates that have also become your friends.


Consisting of cultural and volunteering activities and just spending fun bonding time with your team, the Global Friendship Program is a diverse program which offers the opportunity to make lot of meaningful memories during your time at MJU. The total duration of the program is about 6 weeks, so you don’t have to be worried to be overwhelmed with activities. Rather, you might be wishing for more time so that you and your teammates can share more time together. At the end of the program, each team gets a chance to present how they spend their time and a winner is picked for the most valuable teamwork. The reports and panels which each team has to prepare for this are a great memory of the time spent together and also serve as an inspiration for the teams of the following semester. Overall, programs like this make the time at MJU more involving and meaningful for their international student body.

(Elena Kubitzki)


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