Introducing Oulami


One of the special services offered at MJU for international students is the „Oulami“ Club. Made up each semester of one or two “generations” of a 9 member team, Oulami are Korean students who help and support the international student body wherever they can. From before the start of the semester, where Oulamis pick up the new students at the airport, all the way to the farewell party at the end of the semester – Oulamis really guide their international friends every step along the way.

And they are doing a fantastic job: Being students themselves, they have to deal with the regular amount of school work, group projects and exams, while at the same time performing their Oulami duty of being contact people for the internationals when it comes to questions about class registration, the Alien Registration Card, other school-related organization and much more.

But Oulamis don’t only know how to work hard – they also know how to play hard! About every other week – except for exam season, because that’s when everybody has to focus – they organize some bigger or smaller event for the international student body. On those events, the students for various countries can get to know each other better while also experiencing authentic Korean culture. Going to a traditional Korean village, enjoying a typical modern meal of “Chimaek”, enjoying the cherry blossoms together or going to a “Noraebang” to sing – the Oulamis have lots of fantastic ideas to introduce Korean culture in a fun and entertaining way.

As each semester progresses, the Oulami members become closer and closer friends and their club room becomes like a second home for a lot of the international students. It can be a bit scary to go to a foreign country on your own, but with the knowledge that there are always some friendly, smiling faces waiting for you at the Oulami room definitely makes it a lot easier to be away from home.

Oulami have earned the eternal gratefulness of international students for sure!


Oulami, we love you!

(Elena Kubitzki)


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