Field trip to Nami Island!


On the 26th March, all the international students and Oulami from Myongji (from both Seoul Campus and Yongin Campus) went to Nami Island. On that day, more than 100 international students participated to the field trip.

Nami Island is a half-moon shaped isle located 63 kilometers away from Seoul. It is famous for its tree lined roads. It became really famous in 2002 because of the drama Winter Sonata, featuring Bae Young-Joon and Choi Ji-Woo, was shot in Nami Island.


We took the bus and then the boat to arrive to Nami Island. The boat was full of foreign excited students who could not wait to discover the island. It took approximately two hours by bus to arrive to the harbour and about 10 minutes by boat to go to Nami Island.


During this field trip, we were put into teams (A,B,C,D) and each team was divided into groups. The name of the groups formed the sentence ‘명지대학교 어우라미 사랑해’ which can be translated as ‘I love Oulami from Myongji University’.




Each team had a board and on that board two missions were written. We had to accomplish these missions. The first mission was to imitate the picture that was on the board, and the second one was to do a music video on Korean songs (Fantastic Baby by BigBang, I am the best by 2ne1, Daddy by Psy and Shake it by Sistar). We had a lot of fun inventing a choreography, even if it was a little difficult.

We also had other activities like mug painting. It was interesting to see what other people wrote or draw on their mugs. Many people draw things related to Myongji, to their semester or to Oulami.


For lunch, we went to a restaurant and ate Jjimdak (찜닭). It is a meal made of chicken, glass noodles, and vegetables in a salty broth. It was served with a bowl of rice and the traidtional side dishes which included Kimchi (김치), onions in soy sauce and radish kimchi (깍두기). Before the field trip, the Oulami members asked each students what they could not eat and searched for a meal that matched everyone’s taste. This meal was not spicy and matched the taste of nearly everyone. For those who could not eat meat, they were served Bibimbap (비빔밥) which is rice topped with vegetables in a hot stone pot.KakaoTalk_20160421_135204705On the picture: Jjimdak

After lunch, we had some free time. Some people choose to take a tandem or a bike while others prefer to take a walk. We went back to the bus at 4pm and arrived at 6pm at Myongji University, exhausted but happy. Once again, we enjoyed discovering Korea thanks to the Oulami and Myongji University.

(Virginie SERGEAT)


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